Become a unicorn at 36c3

Written by L3D on 21.12.2019

There will be an attempt to make waffles at the 36c3. But for this it needs support!

Become a unicorn and help!

But for this I need your help. I have - together with the OIO pulled up a helper system to coordinate us:

The idea is to coordinate us over here and to be able to press hardworking unicorns also a thank you in the hand. So there is for hardworking unicorns a Pl├╝sh unicorn as a thank you. More details will be found soon in the unicorn system.

By the way, L3D is still looking for people to help him organize the C3WOC!

Hygiene instruction?

A hygiene instruction as a unicorn is of course advantageous to have. However, a prudent handling of food and an awareness of hygiene is much more important than a paper that certifies that you can. For more information about hygiene please contact C3GELB.