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*Here you can read all the people who are so interested in waffles that they have asked to be put on the waffle mailing list. This will hopefully soon become a real mailing list where you can put yourselves on.



*A few of the waffle nerds are - of course - on IRC. You can find them there in the channel #waffle on the Hackint server.

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Who would we be if we weren't on Mastodon and Twitter. Pro-Tip: On Mastodon there are some exclusive contents that don't go to Twitter!


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Who participates in the C3WOC:

The C3WOC consists of chaotic people who are willing to dedicate their lives to the waffle. The following groups have declared their support and have the following hardware ready for use:

Toolbox Bodensee e.V.

The Toolbox is a hack and makerspace in Markdorf on Lake Constance.
Every Thursday evening, people meet there to exchange ideas and do something together. Sometimes waffles are also made.
Two Gastronom waffle irons are available for this purpose. One with the classic heart shape. The other with a Brussels motif. There is also a kebab grill to prepare fresh kebab waffles, for example.


The see-base is a hackspace in Ɯberlingen. Chaotic people and hackers come together there to tinker with projects, to solder, to have fun with the equipment and to exchange ideas.
Of course, also with a proper equipment of snacks and drinks. And here, the double gastro waffle iron must not be missing.

Platinengarten e.V.

The Platinengarten is an association in Darmstadt that is committed to the topic of computers and waffles.
Rowenta waffle irons are used for this purpose.

Chaospott Essen

The Chaospott is the local Erfa circle (experience exchange circle) of the Chaos Computer Club in Essen. They are a group of intergalactic beings who share an interest in the creative use of technology and enjoy being creative. Also in dealing with waffles.

Binary Kitchen

The Binary Kitchen is a hackspace from Regensburg in Bavaria. People meet there regularly on Mondays, but also on many other days, to work together on the 3D printer, the laser, their own laptop or the newly newly acquired waffle iron. Our "Hello World" had the waffle iron with Belgian waffles made of yeast dough, but rumour has it that heart waffles but rumour has it that heart-shaped waffles and hearty waffles will soon be added.

And you?

Baking waffles alone is boring.
Join the C3WOC!

Pictures of our equipment: