Be part of a cooperative

Written by L3D on 09.06.2019

Friends of the waffle, hackers and other creatures.

It's time to create a cooperative! For this we need your help!

And as soon as possible, so that it can start by the beginning of 2020!

What is it about?

Explained briefly as a video detailed explanation as video current situation as audio

We want to found a cooperative together. Everyone can benefit from this in many different ways. You can find ideas on how to do this in the videos linked above.

The Hacker eG in 30 seconds:

  • Helps us realize side income without bureaucracy.

  • Enables easy crowdfunding/buying/sourcing.

  • Provides chaotic creatives and projects with a fundraising platform

  • Opens up gainful employment in the cooperative to virtual teams

  • Is a credible legal form for large and public buyers

  • Is fun, fun, fame and $lebensform may also join for fun

What to do?

To found a cooperative is connected with very large bureaucratic and financial expenditure. In order to be able to do this, however, the association "Verein zur Erschließung neuer Beschäftigungsformen in der Informationstechnologie e.V.. (Vebit)" was created. (More details in the video above)

In order to join here and later become a comrade in the cooperative, one must fill out the membership application for Vebit e.V. and send it by mail to Dresen. In addition, you must of course transfer your annual contribution of 100€ to the association to cover the costs of founding a cooperative. In addition, there is a questionnaire, which is also happy to be filled out:

Sign in :

Declaration of accession PDF Declaration of accession ODT Questionnaire PDF

And further

To stay informed about updates you should send a mail with the subject " Interested to the following address:

Hacker eG <>

The further temporal expiry is discussed in the above videos or can be inquired by Mail!