The easter waffle weekend

Written by L3D on 23.04.2019

This Easter was waffled diligently.

Easter wafers were made not only on the Easterhegg, but also in the Chaospott in Essen.

At the Easterhegg in Vienna, Venty and L3D, in cooperation with the Video Operation Center, offered a waffle entertainment program. This can be seen on

Thanks to the awesome VOC and the A/V Bunnys and Waffel Bunnys, without them the waffle recording would not be possible. Special thanks to @sophie, @jwacalex, @equescalculi and @psycho for creating this video.

New at the waffle making at the easterhegg was the slightly oversized stirrer of the C3W.

Also the Chaospott made waffles and watched streams from the Easterhegg.

The waffle shop raised about 420€ of donations, 350 of which were used to buy the ingredients for the C3W. The rest is invested in new aprons, ladles and stirring rods.

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