Financial overview

How is the Waffle doing financially?

We are currently converting our financial system and are overwhelmed
with transparent accounting, please excuse this,
We are working on a better solution.

Money is a complicated subject in our world. And it has unfortunately caused a lot of envy and malicious gossip in the past. Wars have been fought over money. But waffles should be about the opposite. About love, friendliness and good relations with each other.

Here on the sub-page on finances we are now trying to record the situation, explain it and make it as transparent as possible. If you have suggestions or ideas on how to change this, please contact us personally or by email. (See contact).

Please bear with us, we are not perfect and we do make mistakes.

How is the C3WOC organised?

We need your support!
Why and further details can be found there:

Why help? And with what?

Finances of the C3WOC

The C3WOC has equipment and turnover...

Turnover at the larger events:

Event Turnover Expenditure Donation plus Donation purpose
36c3 ? ? ? Donationplus goes to Fridays for Future Bodensee, and Digitalcourage e.V.
CCCamp19 2830 1480 1350 Donations go to material procurement for the C3WOC in preparation for 36c3
FrOSCon 2019 800 800 - With the waffle donations we paid the car rental and the fuel from Lake Constance via Froscon to CCCamp and back
GPN19 2000 ??? ??? For administrative reasons, no figures are available yet (as of December 2019)
EH19 420 350 70 Was invested in aprons and tools
35c3 2900 1700 1200€ Donation to Hackerspace: 600€ to see-base, 600€ to Platinengarten
GlühPN18 740 240 500 Donations went to the OIO at 35c3. A planned cooperation did not take place.
GPN18 1000 500 The donations go into stickers and the Brüssler waffle iron

*There are a few smaller, family events that did not make it into the list here. However, these are not financially significant, had less than 100 participants and in some cases did not even completely cover the costs for the waffles. More details about the smaller events can be found in the blog.


The C3WOC has a lot of equipment. Unfortunately, this is not yet completely financed by donations. *This is partly due to the fact that we collect donations for some of the events from the outset for a specific purpose and not to build a solid foundation or to have a budget for a congress, for example.

What Owned by How expensive? Paid for by donations?
Bartscher Heart Waffle Iron L3D + Toolbox 420€ Not yet
Double Waffle Iron L3D 800€ Not yet
Bartscher Brüssler Iron L3D 450€ Yes
3x Pelikan Waffle Case L3D 600€ Not yet
pallet with euroboxes L3D 380€ Yes
Waffle-Style Iron L3D 550€ Yes
Sandwitch Grill L3D 270 Yes