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Written by L3D on 29.12.2020

Get your waffle irons and pudding pots ready and let's have a delicious, decentralized remote dessert experience together. We'll mix waffle batter and pudding together and make them in your waffle irons and pots. While you're at it, don't forget to get the ingredients you need beforehand.

Day 3 at 7:30 pm.


rc3 Streams

Written by L3D on 27.12.2020

There is a rC3 waffle stream.

This can be enjoyed on the YouTube and Twitch channels of the C3WOC!

YouTube Twitch


State of the Waffle

Written by L3D on 27.12.2020

There will be a waffle show at rC3. This can be found on the Chaos West stage on 12/27/2020 at 20:00.


Waffle concept at 36c3

Written by L3D on 22.12.2019

The Waffle concept for 36c3 relies heavily on "Do it YourSelf", "Community" and "Fun on the Device".

We want to have a cool congress for everyone and maintain a workshop-like character.


Become a unicorn at 36c3

Written by L3D on 21.12.2019

There will be an attempt to make waffles at the 36c3. But for this it needs support!

Become a unicorn and help!


Chaos Communication Camp 2019

Written by L3D on 09.09.2019

We were at the Chaos Communication Camp and waffled on economy flame


Be part of a cooperative

Written by L3D on 09.06.2019

Friends of the waffle, hackers and other creatures.

It's time to create a cooperative! For this we need your help!

And as soon as possible, so that it can start by the beginning of 2020!


First analog waffel counter

Written by L3D on 18.05.2019

On May 10th the C3WOC visited the Hackerspace Odenwilusenz in Schaffhausen.

There waffles were baked and the first analogue waffle counter could determine the first statistics for the C3WOC!


Join us at the GPN

Written by L3D on 01.05.2019

Goulash programming night sounds almost like a cooking marathon for sleepless computer science students. The GPN is one of the biggest events of the Chaos Computer Club. The core topics are hardware and software development, as well as data security. In addition, data protection, network policy and many other fascinating topics such as the preparation of the perfect waffle are also on the agenda.

And for this we need your help!


The Binary Kitchen now also makes waffles

Written by Corinna on 25.04.2019

We've got reinforcements in the waffle area.

The Binary Kitchen is a hackerspace from Regensburg in Bavaria and now also participates in the C3WOC.